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WERE THE EYE NOT SUNLIKE a Video Programing at Digital Acre TV

ACRE TV and Fernwey Gallery are pleased to announce Were the Eye Not Sunlike, an exhibition in two venues curated by Third Object.Inspired by the long dark winters of Chicago, this exhibition focuses on the Sun at a time when it is missed the most, moments before springtime. As an object that is both illuminating and unseeable, the experience of the Sun is dominated by metaphor and myth. Were the Eye Not Sunlike channels the mythologization of the Sun and our relationship to its immeasurable power.Beginning on April 1, a three-part video program will unfold on the artist-made livestreaming platform ACRE TV. The program begins with Sunrise and its thematic associations of stillness, ritual and intimacy. Reflecting the course of the earth-bound day, the following program, High Noon, tracks the warmth and optical energy of a bright, full sky. Sunset, the final chapter, evokes impending darkness, melancholy, loss and reflection.

Were the Eye Not Sunlike

Video Programing

Curated by Third Object


Sunrise: April 1 - April 19 | High Noon: April 19 - May 10

Sunset: May 10 - May 31

Video Still from Eventide, 2004


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