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DIGITAL WORLDS a Group Exhibition at Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Digital technology began transforming the landscape of contemporary art as early as the 1960s. When digital equipment became increasingly available and adaptable in the 1990s, artists seized on the unique opportunities it offered for video art and photography.

Digital Worlds: New Media from the Museum’s Collection demonstrates the breadth of invention artists bring to contemporary art through digitization. The exhibition features a selection of MFAH collection favorites, including Jennifer Steinkamp’s Mike Kelley, 14 and Chiho Aoshima’s City Glow.

Also on view are important new acquisitions, such as Cassandra C. Jones’s Wax and Wane, which traces the moon’s monthly cycle through images from the Internet; and Stan Douglas’s Hogan’s Alley, a meticulous reconstruction of Seattle’s downtown red-light district, reimagined as a late-1940s film noir.

Digital Worlds: New Media from the Museum's Collection

Curated by: Alison de Lima Greene

Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Audrey Jones Beck Building

Millennium Gallery

5601 Main Street Houston, TX 77005

Dates: June 23 - October 8, 2018


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