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RITUAL AND DESIRE a Group Exhibition at Wichita Art Museum

Ritual and Desire explores the tenuous line between historical aesthetics and contemporary attitudes through the work of three artists—Beth Lipman, Cassandra C. Jones, and Lauren Fensterstock. While each harnesses the artistry of previous ages, each artist masterfully projects those styles into our contemporary world, revealing the unbreakable ties to our past in our present. The simultaneous blurring and expansion of time and aesthetic results in work that is both familiar and foreign to the eye. It invites reflection on issues of transience and permanence, the material and immaterial, and reduction and excess. The exhibition continues WAM’s exploration of Steuben’s legacy in contemporary glass.

For this exhibition, the Wichita Art Museum commissioned me to make a large-scale collage using their historical Steuben glass collection. I named it Blind Glass after a Gertrude Stein poem and it took the form of a wallpaper installation. This image is a small swatch of the collage which repeats only once in 62 feet. Blind Glass was purchased by the Wichita Art Museum, digitally, for their permanent collection.

Ritual and Desire

Group Exhibition

Curated by Lisa Volpe, Associate Curator of Photography at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Artists: Beth Lipman, Lauren Fensterstick and Cassandra C. Jones

Wichita Art Museum

1400 West Museum Boulevard

Wichita, KS 67203

Dates: May 20th - September 10th, 2017

Opening Reception: May 20th

Blind Glass, 2017. Close up.


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