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POSTPONED: ‘LA: NIGHT & DAY’ a Group Exhibition at THE LODGE

Postponed due to Covis-19. Hopefully we will reschedule when it is safe to do so.

Los Angeles - a bright and guilty place, Orson Welles

Welles perfectly captures the contrasting colors of Los Angeles; a metropolis built on optimism and glamour, where dreams become reality, while recognizing the darker side of the city’s landscape. The “city of angels” is an illusion of fantasies, fuelled by Hollywood, creating a feeling of endless possibilities and opportunities, while the reality is also one of poverty and division. The dependable sunshine coats the city with an endless bright glow, despite the constant threat of fire, fault lines and drought looming beneath a blanket of smog. Through this resilience, LA represents human ingenuity and imagination, the perfect place between light and dark, nature and fabrication, and an endless playground for artistic exploration.

In collaboration with The Lodge, CURA presents its choice of LA based artists, showcasing some of the leading established and emerging talent the city has to offer, whose work reflects this disparity. ‘LA: Night and Day’ brings together examples that acknowledge and celebrate the complexity of these contradictions. The exhibition explores the influence and draw of the city, many of the artists choosing to make it their home, and how its intricacies inspire their practice. Works chosen highlight the fragility of the ecosystem, the existential threats, while others reflect the glossiness and optimism. Through vivid colors, bold and graphic lines, in contrast with darker themes, organic shapes and monochromatic palettes, a visual dialogue and two distinct approaches are revealed.


​Curated by: Liza Shapiro and Georgia Powell

Artists Included: Chad Attie, Nils Benson, Deborah Brown, Brett Childs, Jamie Felton, Alexandra Grant, Skylar Hughes, Cassandra C. Jones, Bijou Karman, Tahnee Lonsdale, Adia Millett, Pia Pack, Ammon Rost, Ed Ruscha, Molly Segal, Jess Valice.

On View: March 18 – March 24, 2020

Opening Reception: May 16, 2020


1024 N Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90029

Gallery Hours:

Thursday - Saturday, 12:00 - 6:00PM

or by appointment


(+1) 805-889-7103


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