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WOMEN ON THE RISE a Group Exhibition at Vita Art Center

In celebration of Women 's History Month, March 2017, the Vita Art Center in collaboration with Focus on the Masters will exhibit the artwork of women artist that have been interviewed and documented by Donna Granata. Focus on the Masters has done an incredible job documenting the work and lives of extraordinary artists that have dedicated much of their lives to their craft and Vita Art Center is honored to showcase the work of some of these women. This is the first annual all Women s art exhibit co-curated by Vita Art Center and Focus on the Masters.

Women on the Rise

Group Exhibition

Curated by: Mary Perez 

Artists Included: Hiroko Yoshimoto, Monica Furmanski, Christine Morla Armstrong, Susan Petty, Margaret Nielsen, Jane Mulfinger, Katherine Chang Liu, Connie Jenkins, Lynn Hanson, Sherry Saxe Loehr, Cheryl Ann Thomas, Cassandra C. Jones.

Vita Art Center

432 N. Ventura Ave. Studio 30

Ventura, CA  93001

Dates: March 3 - 31, 2017

Opening: Friday, March 3 from 6-9 p,m.

Chambered Nautilus, Aquatic Series, 2011


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