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MIKAEL JORGENSEN & GREG O'KEEFE Album Cover and Gate Fold Art

Mikael Jorgensen is the pianist and keyboardist for alt rock band Wilco and has co-written songs including "Theologians" and "Side with the Seeds." With a background in electronics and computers, and years of playing in genre-pushing bands, Jorgensen isn't afraid to experiment—and collaborate—as heard in one of the first releases from Butterscotch Records, an album simply titled Mikael Jorgensen & Greg O’Keeffe"."The album artwork is from the "Lightning Drawing" photo collage series by Cassandra C. Jones, an artist who is now married to Jorgensen. Jones gathers photos of storms and groups them based on "if the lightning bolt in each image looked thin, thick, serrated, fractured, fluid, feathered, etc," she says. Jones then painstakingly arranges them to create circles and even outlines of animals that seem impossible, seeming as if she drew them herself with charcoal or ink.For the cover, Jones says, "I created a line that had a smooth ebb and flow, hence the title 'Mercurial.' It was also a nice analogy for their music; that they took all these sounds that were once analog, turned them digital and pieced them together to make a cohesive expression." The gatefold image inside is "Lightning Drawing 6," and shows a fox chasing a rabbit. Jorgensen points out, "While the acquisition of our source material is fundamentally different—Cassandra legitimately collects images taken by other photographers while Greg and I record acoustic drums [and] analog synths in our studio—the manipulation of these digitizations in the computer to create a personally unique expression is the same." Read full review from Cool Hunting here:

Mikael Jorgensen & Greg O'Keeffe (Self Titled Album)

Released: October, 2013 by Butterscotch Records


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